Accent Wall Ideas

Check out these extraordinary accent wall ideas. Notice how the accent walls are strategically integrated into each room and maintain the feeling of one cohesive space. Each strikingly different and are excellent examples for inspiration.

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Three Accent Wall Tips

1 Select The Right Wall To Make The Accent Wall Determine the natural “focal point” in the room… and make it the accent wall. Locate the wall the eye floats to without effort. For example, in a bedroom, the natural focal point will normally be the wall surrounding the bed. Painting the wall around the bed creates a more dramatic impact on the overall aesthetics of the room.

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Practical Stylish Living architectural accent wall ideas

2 Painting Color Transitions Stopping and starting different colors on an “inside corner” always looks better than starting and stopping colors on an “outside corner”. Painting on an inside corner always looks more professional due to the shadows that shift from wall to wall.

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Practical Stylish Living mirror accent wall ideas

3 Get Creative Walls can be accented with different designs in terms of color and material. The surface of accent walls can consist of wallpaper, paint, wood, brick, stone, metal, mirror and even plastic. View the Accent Wall Ideas Video again and pay closer attention to the different materials that are used to create accent walls.

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