2019 Archery Shooter of the Year: Erica R. Jones Backstory

2019 Female Shooter of the Year Erica R. Jones
Jr. Olympic Archer: Erica R. Jones

How do you come back after a heartbreaking end of season game loss? Erica R. Jones, 2019 Archery Shooter of the Year learns a valuable lesson. Featuring never before seen backstory pictures and video. The author, Paulo Coelho said it best…

“You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit.” – Paulo Coelho

In 2018, our daughter Erica R. Jones (Archer) participated in the Shooter of the Year Tournament and was eliminated in the first round. She was devastated, shed a lot of tears and walked away very disappointed in her performance. Erica experienced failure… and the game loss was a turning point for her. One that would cause her to either stay focused on the loss or set her gaze towards the next win.

Losing the end of season game became the perfect opportunity for Erica to learn how to deal with failure. Dealing with failure is a skill we all need to thrive in life and it’s a transferable skill used to navigate through disappointment and loss. The National Basketball Association considers Michael Jordan to be one of the best basketball players of all time… and he lost almost 300 games. Michael Jordan was quoted saying “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life…“ Take a moment and think about what Michael Jordan would have lost had he quit trying after the 100th game loss.

We all must realize every mistake we make teaches us something. Instead of fearing failure we should look at failure the way Henry Ford so eloquently put it…

“Failure is the Opportunity to Begin Again More Intelligently” – Henry Ford

Erica R. Jones practicing archery.
Jr. Olympic Archer: Erica R. Jones

Erica decided to take all the hurt, pain and disappointment she was feeling and turn it into positive energy. Erica shifted her thoughts away from the game loss and began to focus on improving her skills with these goals in mind:

  • Earn an invitation back to next years Shooter of the Year Tournament
  • Make it to the 2nd round in the Shooter of the Year Tournament
Jr. Olympic Archer: Erica R. Jones

Erica completed the following three actions:

  1. Viewed the game loss as an opportunity to learn what was done right
  1. Identified her weaknesses
  1. Made the appropriate adjustments and continued to try again
Jr. Olympic Archer: Erica R. Jones

Erica no longer viewed failure as an end result and didn’t allow failure to paralyze her. She allowed herself to feel the pain of disappointment, decided she could do better and chose to move forward toward her goals.

Jr. Olympic Archer: Erica R. Jones | Archery Coach: Eric Jones

With help from coaches Dan Pringle & Eric Jones (father), Erica figured out technique strengths, assessed possible weaknesses and spent additional time practicing in the off season. Erica improved significantly. She accumulated the best scores in her age group all season and earned an invitation back to the Shooter of the Year Tournament. At the 2019 Shooter of The Year Tournament, not only did Erica make it through the second round in the tournament but she won Shooter of the Year for her age group.

2019 Shooter of The Year Tournament

Needless to say we are very proud of our daughters accomplishment. We believe family literacy is all about families learning together. Here’s what our family learned from Erica’s 2018 Archery loss:

  1. It’s ok to fail: Loss, disappointment and failure naturally occurs in everyones life and experiencing failure is apart of being successful and obtaining goals.
  1. Learn from your failures: Learn your strengths… what did you do right? Learn Your weaknesses… what did you do wrong?
  1. Change: Make the appropriate adjustments that foster growth towards your goals
  1. Don’t quit: Don’t be discouraged by failure and give up. Keep trying. Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit

Whatever loss, disappointment or failure you’ve experienced…

Don’t Give Up, You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are!

What was the last loss, disappointment or failure you experienced?

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