Beverage Areas For Easy Entertaining

When preparing for your next entertaining event consider the following before you begin to set up your beverage station:

Glass beverage dispensers

1. Traffic Flow

Place beautiful Chrome and Glass Beverage Dispensers on a separate table specifically for beverages. This is the best way to set up and maintain good traffic flow for your event. Go the extra mile and create a beverage area.

There’s No Traffic Jam on The Extra Mile

  • Set the beverage area up at least (4) four feet away from the buffet table when possible
  • Ensure the designated location allows for at least a 6 ft. table to accommodate the drinks and the movement of people
  • Prefilling a specific number of glasses before festivity’s begin will also help reduce the amount of time guests will have to wait in the beverage line. This minor detail assists in creating an enjoyable experience.

2. Supply at Least Three Different Drink Options

Here are a few drink suggestions that will look appetizing in a Chrome and Glass Beverage Dispenser

  • Water
  • Flavored water (infused with lemon, lime, melon or strawberries)
  • Lemonade
  • Iced Tea
  • Fruit drink
  • Fruit juice

3. Height of the Beverage Containers

  • Place each beverage container on a platform that’s at least 6”high. Doing so will allow drinks to be easily dispensed 
  • To give a more dramatic look set the beverage containers on varying levels

4. Attach Elegant Signage

  • Labeling the beverage dispensers prevents guests from guessing what kind of drinks are available and the labels make a beautiful presentation 

5. Drinking Glasses

  • Double the number of drinking glasses needed per guest count. Example: If you are expecting 30 guests make sure you have 60 drinking glasses readily available

6. Libation Area

Keep all alcoholic drinks in a separate location. Preferably the libation area should be positioned in a location opposite the beverage area or at least adjacent to the beverage area. Doing so helps in the following ways:

  • Prevents children or teenagers from accidentally drinking alcohol
  • Minimizes temptation for guests who are sensitive to alcohol or maybe recovering from an alcohol addiction

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