Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania is Simply Beautiful

Kimberly R. Jones sitting on her Harley Davidson

When is the best time to take a moment to view and appreciate the vibrant beauty of the fall season? Every year in Pennsylvania fall foliage peak time varies, and we seem to never have enough time to pause and enjoy the season. Maybe because peak season only lasts about two weeks during the month of October.

However, this year we finally decided to enjoy the stunning views by doing a fall foliage motorcycle ride. We captured beautiful fall photos along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Seven Springs area. To my surprise, Eric even captured the glimpse of a rainbow that’s seen in the picture below.

Kimberly R. Jones

In spite of it being a cold, windy, partially overcast day, we still had a wonderful experience. The ride was about an hour and a half to Seven Springs and it was the longest ride we had ever taken our girls on. I wish I would have captured them dismounting the motorcycles. It was hilarious watching them stretch their legs, hold their buttocks and walk like they were two elderly people needing assistance.

As you can tell from the picture our girls were astounded by the size of the leaves we encountered. This was a first for me as well… I had never seen leaves bigger than the size of my head. Who knew these exists in Pennsylvania? I didn’t know.

Eric & Kimberly R. Jones

It’s not about the Destination… it’s about the Journey.

We had a good time being outside in the sunshine when it appeared… and the cool crisp air kept us alert. Taking a Starbucks break helped us warm up and prepare for the journey back home. Our conversations were about the strangers we met along the way and silly things that just made us laugh for no particular reason. We were simply enjoying each others company and creating new memories. Making new memories with my family always makes my heart smile.

Fall foliage

Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind! Psalm 66:5

We encourage you to experience one of God’s greatest shows: The Fall Foliage Peak Season. You won’t be disappointed seeing the leaves change color to blazing reds, vibrant oranges and sunny yellows. It’s truly an amazing show.

Kimberly R. Jones

If you’ve ever taken a moment to adore the Fall Foliage Season please share your experience by commenting below.

Photo Credit: Eric Jones Photography | Priscilla A. Jones Photography

Here are additional areas you can visit for a Fall Foliage adventure in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • Pine Creek Gorge (the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania”)
  • World’s End State Park
  • Hickory Run State Park
  • Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

For additional information on YOUR local Fall Foliage peak time, visit SmokyMountains.com

Fall Foliage map

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