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Practical Stylish Living open floor room design

Get a personalized room design if you need help pulling your room together and getting the look and feel you’ve always envisioned?

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Practical Stylish Living personal touch bedroom design

Perhaps you already purchased furnishings and need assistance figuring out details like…

  • What color should I paint my bedroom?
  • Should I rearrange my current furniture layout?
  • What type of rug and window treatment would work best in my family room?

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Practical Stylish Living personal dining room design

A personalized room design offers guidance through design challenges like…

  • How do I incorporate a bookcase in my small space?
  • What sofa would work best in my room and where can I buy it?
  • How can I hide all of my technology cords?
  • How do I get that designer look and feel in my space?

Perfect coaching that’s empowering and gives you the confidence to purchase the right furnishings. Help to accomplish your goal of creating the room you’ve always envisioned.

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Practical Stylish Living personal touch service

Personalized Touch Service Includes:

  • Collaborate online anytime
  • Concept Board
  • Final Room Design
  • Furniture Layout
  • Shopping list – links to purchase all the furnishings used in the room design
  • Set up instructions – allows the ability to purchase furnishings within your own time frame
  • Direct coaching with designer – interaction with the designer throughout the entire room design to address unforeseen details
  • 30 day personal design assistance via phone, text, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom

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Get the complete look and feel of a professionally designed space that’s functional, comfortable and stylish !

Just have a quick design question?

Ask a question and get quick advice in your style and budget.

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