Name Your Savings Account

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Name your savings account… Why? Because naming your savings account helps you visualize your goals better. It also establishes an emotional attachment that enables you to move in the direction you want to go. Here are a few saving account nicknames some have used to inspire consistent savings.

Start small and be consistent with your savings. To build a habit set aside a small amount each payday, and increase it over time. Implementing small practical solutions assists in moving you forward to achieving your goals.

Don’t save what is left after spending; Spend what is left after saving. Warren Buffett

Nickname Your Savings Account

What name will you give your savings account? When choosing the name be clear and concise. Doing so will result in a stronger desire to accomplish your dream and allow you to be stronger than your excuses. Share below your savings account name.

Start today to Save More on what doesn’t matter… So you can spend on what Does Matter.

Another Money Saving Tip

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