Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment

Upscale women's second hand store. A place to trade or sell your clothing.

A hidden gem located in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. Meet the owner Vida Kuhns and discover why this boutique is a one-of-a-kind experience. First of all, Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment is an upscale boutique that sells new and pre-loved designer clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and home décor. The boutique is much more than an average consignment store, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that starts the moment you enter and meet the owner, Vida Kuhns. Furthermore, there are a lot of reasons to shop at Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment and Vida says it best in the following interview.

Your Greatness is Not What You Have It’s What You Give.

Vida Kuhns owner of Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment store.

Meet Vida Kuhns: The owner of Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment. Vida’s a friendly beautiful soul whose light shines by way of her warmth, enthusiasm, and helpfulness. Customers appreciate Vida’s willingness to check stock and help find items. Her goal is not to sell you an item but to help you find something that enhances your look and helps you feel better about yourself. If asked, Vida always gives honest feedback to a customer whose trying on clothes. She has an innate ability to make her customers feel welcomed and special. Vida also provides a Complimentary Beverage Station for her customers to relax and unwind.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. – Warren Buffett

Vida Kuhns owner of Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment store.

Tell us about Saving Grace Boutique.

Vida: The store kinda fell in my lap! It was a very easy transaction and transition from the previous owner. She was ready to sell and I was ready to buy! The price was right and this place literally became MY “Saving Grace” and that’s why I named it such. I have been in sales and entertainment most of my career and figured this was a wonderful opportunity to marry both of my “superpowers” into one business that I could call my own. I was praying for something that would make me jump out of bed in the morning and be passionate about on a daily basis, consequently this was it!

Clothing, accessories and household items found at Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment store.

What sets your store apart from other boutiques?

Vida: Saving Grace Boutique is what I call a “different kind of retail therapy” because this space is not just about shopping. It’s about listening to, laughing with and praying for everyone that walks through the front door! It’s home away from home and a place that my guests can feel warm and cozy and appreciated. From the jazzy music to the fun displays, I hear everyday from women that say this is their oasis! That was my goal from day one. It’s truly about my customers and their needs. I don’t “sell” anything… I suggest, I style and I give honest feedback and that’s what has made this boutique so successful.

Our prices are phenomenal everyday and then with extra discounts the savings are unbelievable! We carry high end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Michael Kors, Brahmin, Coach, Valentino and Kate Spade along with great everyday items from Chico’s and Coldwater Creek, Crate and Barrel and pier1! There truly is something for everyone and every budget.
I change the mannikins sometimes daily because the outfits get purchased so quickly! As a result, every time you walk in it looks like a new store and that keeps people interested and wanting to come back for more. Customers say I should put a warning label on my store that says “Caution: Shopping Here Can Become Addictive“. LOL

Style is a way to say who you are… Without having to say a word!

Clothing and accessories found at Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment store.

What is one thing customers should know about Saving Grace Boutique that they may not be aware of?

Vida: I have a 30 year history in fashion, beauty and entertainment and that experience has helped me just know what works! We are a one stop shop from clothing and jewelry to shoes and home décor. I also offer personal styling and In-home consignment consultations for larger estates.

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself… On the inside and out.

Vida Kuhns owner of Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment store and Kimberly R. Jones owner of Practical Stylish Living Blog.

How Does consigning with Saving Grace Boutique work?

Vida: So we offer a 90 day consignment period with a 50/50 split on final selling price of item. There is no fee to sign up ever! We accept items for consignment every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am – 6pm with no appointment necessary. You can also check in monthly or more to see what has sold. Furthermore, your money is always available to either pick up in store, use as a store credit or you can certainly have payment sent to you if you live far away.

Items that do not sell in the 90 day consignment period become property of Saving Grace boutique. High end items can be returned up to 30 days after 90 day period ( like furs, handbags, shoes and jewelry marked over $100 ).

Clothes are just like friends… You want Quality not quantity.

However, I am very selective as to what I accept because I have an eye on what our customers are looking for and what they are not buying. I am looking for items that “wow” me and have the following characteristics:

  • In excellent condition, no signs of excessive wear, preferably purchased in the last 2-3 years, tags still attached even better!
  • All things girly and unique, from fabulous clothing, shoes, handbags, perfume, jewelry (best seller), home décor, perfect condition bedding and decorative pillows, candles, hair styling tools and more.

I am looking for your best only. Brought in neatly folded in a box or laundry basket. No hangers, no garbage bags please! If there are items that you do not want to consign and just donate, we will accept them for Saving Grace Boutique in New Kensington with a charitable element. The New Kensington location is due to open sometime in February of 2020.

If you wear things you adore, You just look better.

Vida Kuhns owner of Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment shop.

How can customers sign up for Saving Grace’s mailing list to be notified of special sales or events occurring?

Vida: Simply “like” our page on FaceBook to get all up to date information, sales, events and new merchandise.
Also when you consign with us we ask for your email address so we can contact you directly for upcoming special events and important information.

If loving fashion is a crime, We plead Guilty.

Vida Kuhns owner of Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment shop.

As the owner of a busy boutique, what do you do to unwind and have a little fun?

Vida: My life is very busy that is true… however we are planning to open our second location very soon so that will be taking up any free time I had left! LOL

Honestly, I am a very simple country girl at heart and love to be at home, in the summer in my garden or cutting grass or with my 4 dogs (Nutter Butter, Nilla Wafer, Snickerdoodle and Cupcake) and my wonderful husband Donnie.

We have a granddaughter that will be 2 yrs old soon and lots of family that we enjoy spending time with. We sing professionally and gig on the weekends sometimes but not as much as we use to! You’ll find us in church most Sundays and eating pancakes at Bob Evans afterwards. It’s just clean living that is very rewarding.

A smile is the best makeup… Any girl can wear. – Marilyn Monroe

There’s one more noteworthy secret that helps make Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment a hidden gem. Vida’s beautiful mother Stephanie…

Matriarch Stephanie Malcanas
Stephanie Malcanas: Matriarch

Stephanie helps with curating clothing and greeting customers. She enjoys conversing with customers and hanging out at the Complimentary Beverage Station, probably because it gives her the opportunity to meet the customers. Stephanie’s poised demeanor, friendly smile and words of wisdom will warm your heart.

Check out Saving Grace Boutique and Consignment, an upscale consignment boutique located at 5349 William Flinn Hwy, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania 15044

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