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Check out these new home living room trends. Gorgeous living rooms that are set in open floor plans. They feature architectural elements, fantastic lighting, and stunning wood floors. A perfect set up for families who love to entertain.

New Home Living Room Trends

White, grey and black living room.

Decorating an open floor plan requires skill and can be a daunting task. First, there’s the challenge of staying on budget without sacrificing quality and style. Then there’s the task of creating intimate spaces. After that, there are storage issues and traffic flow that need addressed.

New Home Living Room Trends

Grey, brown and gold living room

However, if done correctly these concerns can be managed. For instance, adding an area rug and furniture placement help anchor a space within a space. In addition, strategically placing coordinated accent colors in each area provides a clean and consistent look. Notice how this is accomplished by using furnishings, accessories and lighting.

Grey, beige and brown living room

The final result is a functional, comfortable and contemporary home with gorgeous views. A welcoming finished look that serves as a living area and place to entertain family and friends.

New Home Living Room Trends

Grey, black, beige and brown living room

Combining style and function can be a difficult endeavor when it comes to decorating a living room within an open floor plan. Get help converting your home into a multifunctional space that represents your style.

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